How to increase your physical store revenue with facebook ads?

Growing your sales during #COVID-19 can be tough. If you’re new to the business most probably people don’t know that you have a store in their area. So how do you increase your store revenue?

Let’s say you have a grocery store in Borivali, Mumbai. It’s been just a few months and people don’t know about your store. The first step you need to do is to figure out which one is your best product at the best price that no one is offering in your area.

Once you have your winning product ready. Go to your Facebook account and create a business store page with the address mentioned in the about section. Make sure you add your store address because we are about to run ads on Facebook.

Now that you have your store fan page set up on Facebook. It’s time to create your business page manager account. Go to and create your business account. Make sure you connect your store page with this new business account.

You are all done! Now let’s get deep inside.

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You need to create a campaign and ad set under campaign and ads under ad set.

Eg: Let’s say you sell #onions at ₹80 instead of ₹100. The latest price of onions is ₹100. Onion is your winning product. Follow the below steps now:
1) Create a CBO campaign with the name “Onion Offer ₹80 | (date)
2) Create Ad set and drop-in pin on your store location and exclude the rest of the location in order to target the audience.
3) Add interest based on #grocery, onions, #grofers, #bigbasket, #flipkart, #amazon and use facebook suggestion option.
4) Select “Get Direction” ATC button.
5) Headline – Get Onions @ ₹80 Now or Never
6) Copywrite – Order your monthly grocery now and get Onions at ₹80. A deal like never before. Call us on ….70 or visit our store now.
7) Make sure you check your location because you don’t want people to visit your competitor’s store.

The best way to increase your revenue is to first create a video ad and brand awareness campaign by selecting your store location as above.

After 3 days you can create a remarketing campaign by targeting people who engaged with your video.

So now you have three campaign
1) Direct targeting people to get to your store.
2) Video campaign for brand awareness.
3) Remarketing people who engaged with your BA video.

Start your budget with at least ₹500 and later increase your budget. Make sure you exclude other locations and only focus on your location with 1 or 2 miles in this way you can only target your area people who are currently in that location.

let me know what you think.